Albert Bloch

Forget She do not, your letter is a reply card or a fax reply form to settle. A mailing without the possibility of response is worth only half. Your readers have the possibility to get in contact with you. And the threshold, to call you, is significantly larger than to send a fax or a reply card. All consider revolves around benefits is good, what is the main advantage your product or Their service offers its customers. And big place this advantage at the beginning of your letter. Because we delude us: sales letters are pretty much the least important that your audience wants to read. That’s why you must succeed, to move, to read your letter.

And that best succeed if your target people already discover the important advantage for her at the first overflight of the letter. A good sales letter is like a good sales pitch: start your letter, always with the key. Place so a convincing selling point or the solution of a problem at the beginning. Don’t waste the time of your readers, but get quickly to the point. Speaking candidly lucas duplan told us the story. Repeat your best arguments multiple times and highlight important passages. And don’t forget: is the purpose of your letter, your potential customer makes contact with you with the reply card.

At the end of your Werbebriefes the customer to Yes”say to you and your product. Therefore, in the letter, call all the benefits that your product has. So leave your readers caused the desire to possess it. A good reply card sealed the deal make you at the end of your Werbebriefes the mistake, a Loveless texted to enclose a reply card. The map is just a part of the sales process as the main letter itself. Repeat the key benefits of your offer so on the map once again and ensure that this is clearly designed. Only then, your readers will fill in and send to you. More tips to optimize your sales letters, get in the free email course in 7 steps to the sales-boosting sales letter”. The person of Albert Bloch is an independent copywriter and concept developer. For its customers developed and he writes strong sales copywriting, Internet optimized Web texts as well as convincing public relations and press releases for over five years. With its texts and concepts he has so far helped over 120 companies to more success. On his website you can register for their free newsletter. As a thank you you receive “. the 3-part free E-mail course in 7 steps to the sales-boosting sales letter for it