Alex Freire

org was shown to Pablo Freire, it was astonished with the possibilities of the Internet. Osite was constructed for IPF (Instituto Paulo Freire) for its AlexandreDowbor grandson, son of Ftima Freire. Astonished and worried when seeing the Alex navegarcom as much easiness for the net, observed as soon as the enormous vantagensoferecidas for the Internet were restricted to few and that the news still tecnologiasacabavam creating a bigger irrigation ditch enter richest and poor. Econcluiu: ‘ ‘ she is necessary to think as they can arrive at excludos’ ‘. It said queesse would have to be the commitment of the institute (GADOTTI, 2000, P. 263).

Inside of the educational systems, Moacir Gadotti (1993), analyzes oprocesso to transform the existing bureaucratic school into one another school, umaescola with autonomy, a school citizen. The educator, recognizing the requirements of its time and aspotencialidades of the technological resources, always was favorable to the use decertas technologies, with metodolgico severity for its use. It arrived to use projetorde slides, the radio, the television, recorders, videocassete and contemploucuriosamente the computer, among others technological resources. Virtual coexisting became almost toimportante as actual coexisting. shaken necessary school of one, umchoque, airing. This if obtains with more flexible a epedaggica administrative management, with predetermined times and spaces less, modosde access the research and of development more dynamic deatividades. (MORAN; BEHRENS; MASETTO, 2006). For Brave (1998, P. 02), the term ‘ ‘ computer science in the education mentions to insero of the computer in the process of learning of the contents curricularesde all the levels and modalities of educao’ ‘. Thus conceived, the computer uma tool that can assist the educator to promote learning, autonomy, criticidade and creativity of educating.