Always Accessible: Aastra DeTeWe Extends Capabilities Of OpenCom 100 Family

New release improves the efficiency and lastingly reduces process costs for small and medium-sized enterprises are intelligent communication solutions for every company Berlin, July 22, 2009 – intelligent communications solutions are for each company the key to the success because constant accessibility, mobility and modular structures to reduce process costs. Alina de Almeida brings even more insight to the discussion. With its OpenCom 100 family, the Berlin ICT provider Aastra-DeTeWe has a flexible and efficient solution for smaller and medium-sized (SME) businesses. Partner has recently 100 series with significantly enhanced capabilities for all Aastra the new release 9 of OpenCom available. With most of the new functions, SME are more accessible for your customers and dramatically simplify installation and handling. Fixed mobile convergence (FMC), integrating mobile phones into the system, ensures constant availability to the user whenever he wants it. By installing the Aastra mobile client (AMC) on the GSM phone are the essential Features of a Systemendgerates menu-driven on the phone available.

The subscribers of the company landline number or its extension results in outgoing calls. The GSM number remains unknown. Calls reach the normal desk telephone and the mobile phone. So, no one must consider where the desired call partner just resides or is what number to choose. There are just a number,\”explains Thomas Stephan, head of product management SME at Aastra the so-called one-number concept. Regardless of the actual phone an own line button signals other participants of the OpenCom 100 occupied\”. Wants the participants undisturbed phone calls on your mobile phone, it activates the call protection.

Then rings only his desk phone in the Office. Features such as question, communicate further, call forwarding, three-way Conference are comfortably via a menu control from all phones possible. Also, there is only a VoiceBox which must be queried. Who wants to work undisturbed, disables the Connection from the mobile phone to OpenCom 100. In this case, only the people who know the cell phone number reach the phone.