American Photo

Umbras graphics designer Paul Rowan and the first multi picture photo frame from the window of a hotel looks a goldfish and wonders where’s the room service. No, that’s no story by Kafka. Actually it is not even a real hotel, but a rectangular aquarium with facades and different sized Windows. An another funny idea of the design company Umbra. Umbra means shadow in Latin. Umbra product range further ranging from the Chair to photo frame, picture frame, games, watches and so much is not gloomy, but colorful dazzling. The ideas are innovative. Behind this is the origin of the name.

Designed for 31 years ago the founder and graphic designer Paul Rowan a sunshade for his window. In the shops, he found was simply no product, which told him to. The satisfaction of this creation was more products will follow. Finally, he teamed up with a friend and established UMBRA. Products from this House now set the daily living environment of many people throughout new to the scene.

By the way, they received numerous prizes and self-confessed lover, like the American talk Queen Oprah Winfrey. Everyday products of the different collections include also the well-known wood photo frame, framing, photo books, creative picture frames and photo books suitable for private events. A typical photo frame or frame from Umbra contains three to 15 images. Very noble comes the framing / frames chandelier. Three frames of wood – shaped as amulets – concatenate connected by a string of pearls. The picture frame is an elegant accessory for the elegant living room. Young people with sparkling creativity are at least as often find it when they search for their WG framing or photo books. Many nested inside each other, individual and different-sized photo frames make an impressive photo wall. The works of the umbra Designer are often three-dimensional and sometimes seem to develop a life of its own. Even so a rarely regarded as a waste container will the highlight, leaving its cylindrical shape and beats many smooth bends, like the bathroom trash can. Abstract designs, three-dimensional watches lead the time to read easily in every minute. Just as abstract, the chairs by Umbra swing their backs. So playful products, it is no wonder that games are produced. Sure no one previously has played with such clubs and networks such as at the Pongo Ping pong game.