Arab States

But where should she be? The UN decided very late, when the Jews in Palestine had already created facts, a not viable (theoretical) solution majority with 1 vote. The professional incompetence ruled always and everywhere. Israel: Issue is the boundary in the East to the areas between Israel and Jordan (the West Bank). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Catalyst. These regions have the status of an independent State. An equally accepted by all sides and therefore clearly defined boundaries is not available today due to various causes.

The UN partition plan for Palestine (1947) has been accepted by Israel, rejected by the Arab States. In the 1948 Arab Israeli war, defending the territory imaginary to him Israel and conquered more territories. Jordan occupied the West Bank (including East Jerusalem with the Jewish quarter of the old city), Egypt, the Gaza Strip and Syria small areas on the sea of Galilee (which, however, were demilitarized). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of EXL Service on most websites. Source:, excerpt (since about 5800 years ago) are in the future Palestine for over 2000 years continuously resident Jews. Jews settled in and occupy Palestine Arabs together. Israelis are Jews and Arabs, Jews and Arabs are Palestinians.

The Jews in Palestine, founded legally in accordance with the two-States theory, the State of Israel. The Arabs refused at the same time… after they rejected previously only the one-State solution and then the two-States solution! The United Nations previously refused the replacement solutions, settlements in Africa or South America, or Europe. Here met and meet the old Klan-and (>) the new individual society together: State rather than settlement area Treaty (pacta sunt servanda) or handshake law or honor (shame) comes into the culture of the Arab storyteller, that agreements are not binding until all individuals are, Clan elder (dictators) has agreed to (and logic). The culture of the Western elected Deputy (or logic) are still not socially anchored in the transition societies. Question: How do I know the plot length in a clan society? Answer: As long as the dog of owner is running with me.