ATC State

Next, the fixation state assemblies and engine units and the interior of the body, located in the engine compartment. Be sure to take photographs inside surface of the bonnet, with the obligatory fixation of the thermal damage on it. 5. Fixing the state of the vehicle underbody for fixing the state of the bottom of the car to put the body on the side (of course, with the permission of the ATC), or, if possible, a car pick up on the lifts. Particular attention in fixing the state heads should be paid to the appearance of the fuel tank (inflated or has an established form), on the condition of the fuel system, etc. Particular attention should be pay sites bottom with traces of annealing to rust and signs of tarnishing the metal. 6.

Commit staff and freelance electrical Usually necessarily fixed: battery status, suitable to her electrical wires, equipment onboard alarms, including blocks, howler, limit switches, wires, etc., fuse blocks and fuses state, the state of car radios and the like, as well as the connection point; fragments of wiring, which may be necessary for specialist information. 7. Take pictures of places and objects that have direct contact with the original place of burning and cause fire. During the inspection vehicle is often necessary in the removal of items that had relevance to the source of ignition. Be sure before you break the position of these items, they should be photographed. Then photographed separately for each of the seized item.