Ayatollah Nuri Hammedani

He pointed to recent calls from Ayatollah Wahied Khorasani and Ayatollah Nuri Hammedani. Khorasani urged the leaders of the army to defend Pasdaran and police to the State ideology of Islam more decisively against religious minorities. In particular, he requested with the Sunnis, the Baha ‘ i faith, to clean up the Christians and the Sufis, because they would endanger the unity of the State. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with HP Enterprise Services. Hammedani, however, brought the general public prosecutor Abbas Jafar Dolatabadi in a conversation in Qom on line. He said economic corruption was very bad, but ideological corruption was even more harmful. Azmayesh these statements for an image for the intensification of efforts to stop the system of velayat-e faahoodi cost of tolerant and peaceful people like the Christians to save the Baha ‘ i faith and the Sufis.

At the end of the press conference you could resist the impression, that give the human rights in the Iran to little substance for a reporting system, the questions of the journalists on the human rights situation were limited. Again, it was the focus on the son of the Shah. Some supporters of the Prince used the press conference to demand the end of the regime and to let him live up. He was visibly embarrassed, because he had previously stressed not to perform power pretender as to want to draw the attention of lawyer of the Iranian people and the suffering and the despair. Who wants to hear it?