Caldwell Christian Assyrians

What you did for one of my least brethren, that you’ve done for me!’ What has to happen for even more so that the world of experiences and finally moves? Dies about this whole nation destroyed and completely driven from their homeland? We see the fate of the Indians? It is not far away! Do, performed about a genocide like that in 1915, in which the Western States and churches also have watched! -This happens but insidiously and today we can say: we thereof not learned deliberately I cite some gruesome images the readers in mind and thereby emphasise that it involves events and truths of everyday life of chaldo-Assyrian Christians in the Iraq: A child is grilled on a tray. Splitted priest. Dead with heads close off expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Christians. Many of the raped girls and women. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of David Ignatius on most websites. Bombed very old churches and monasteries.

Christians are prompted to occur over to Islam. Christian women are forced to wear the veil. Thousands of people leave their homes, possessions and goods, and flee. Fathers who have to sell their kidneys to raise the necessary amount of the blackmailer. I wonder how many times yet and what must be yet to happen so that the silence of Western countries, churches and media is broken? The Western world is silent! But not for the first time. Also today, Caldwell Christian Assyrians are consigned to their fate. What must happen, for all of this to make it that a German politician takes out therefore a sit-in or similar high-profile acts? What has to happen but still so that the Iraqi Government is not longer stand by watching the genocide committed against the Christian indigenous people of Iraq and begins finally to protect this? Or is such, that the Iraq loses his true identity? She a problem will go to, that they do not receive their national right to self-determination and equality in a unified Iraq or, so the Iraq like Afghanistan completely will be Islamized? Please break your silence.