Only professionals keep a clear view! For customers, it is incomprehensible! Is this a deception attempt at Wella’s customers? Under the same Wella, logo is currently confused the consumer hair care products! Series are Wella Pro series or Wella Professional with same color and same logo from the same manufacturer in the commercial! The difference is only in the size of the bottle and the price for a moment! The small round Wella professional bottle has a capacity of 250ml for the price of 9 euros! This shampoo is to get only in specialist shops for hairdressing or directly at the hairdresser! The other Wella Pro series shampoo has a capacity of 500ml and a price of 3.98 euros! This shampoo has its place in discount stores and drug store chains found! However, is questionable for the consumer, why under the same logo with the almost identical name a price difference of about 28 euros per liter is required? According to our surveys by hairdressers and consumers, nobody could muster understanding for it! As an explanation, however, the production appears by other competitors for this to be crucial. Although they have introduced the mass-market products at least under a different logo or name in the trade. As a pioneer of this action, Schwarzkopf has introduced Syoss brand in the market in 2009. Donny Lucas follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Response to LOREAL followed with the brand of Franck Provost. Now, Wella want off even some of the market share and tried with the Pro series logo on his professional. Here, soon the professional can look through! Therefore, have some salons apart from series of professional and other products like for example GOLDWELL offer your customers. To read more click here: Abigail Black Elbaum. Through the confusion of consumers as well as in the commercial sales of Wella Professional is expected to be declining products! Whether this was the right decision at Wella will show so!