Diabetes Patients

Evidence exists that indicates that the best treatment for the Diabetes type 2 also can be most dramatic: the surgery to reduce the stomach, accompanied of reacomodo perhaps intestinal. These so extreme remedies even are considered as a measurement from what so intratable two epidemics related to each other in the United States have become: the obesity and the diabetes. The diabetes of any type is a disease that kills 73.000 North Americans every year, doing it the fifth cause of death in this country. This suffering is characterized by the incapacity to produce or to use insulin, giving like result that the levels in the blood rise, damaging the kidneys, blood vessels of the eyes, and nerves of the feet. It does not exist cures for the diabetes, only the hope of being able to control it with strict diets, medecines and a full life of cares. Unfortunately, many patients are incapable to fulfill so strict regime, the kilos that are lost become to raise and many of them undergo attacks to the heart, blindness, fails in kidney or amputation of the feet. A new study done by Australian investigators, published in the Newspaper of the American Medical Association, promises extraordinary results, in spite of all the panorama against, and still with the warnings about the preliminary results in a relatively small group of patients who had diabetes in slight degree. 60 obese patients studied and who recently were diagnosed with Diabetes type 2.

In the middle of they occurred a conventional treatment them, including diet, exercise and medicines the rest obtained a conventional treatment but a surgery in which a band around the stomach is placed (well-known like lap band), shrinking its size and limit of food. In almost three quarters of the patients who had surgery, all the signs of diabetes disappeared. Add to your understanding with BP. 13% of those patients with conventional treatment only had complete remissions. The difference was due to the loss of weight. The patients in the group medically treated only lost 1,7% of their weight in average. Those that had one surgery lost 20,7%. There were no serious complications with the minimumly invasive procedure. Other studies show that the gastric surgery of bypass, one more a riskier operation in the one than the stomach is engrapado, and the reacomodado intestinal tract, is much more effective, obtaining the remission of the disease in a matter of days or weeks, long before which it happens a loss of substantial weight in the individual.

This is apparently because the surgery produces metabolic changes that lower the glucose levels in the blood, more than the simple loss of weight it can do. Some experts predict that the surgery will more and more become a treatment common in the next years. Before that happens, he is essential to see the results of the patients and of discovering what patient can be benefitted much more from expensive surgeries that always lodge some risk. Conclusion: In Goodbye-Obesity we can ofrecerte a treatment adapted for you, by means of surgeries of band or gastric sleeve, gastric gastric ball and bypass. All surgery implies some risks, but the benefits of these procedures are many: loss of weight, remission of diabetes, the low cholesterol, exists less fatigue, more emotional well-being, in short, there is an improvement in the quality of life. visit for more information Receives a warm Cecy greeting Garci’a Psychology Baritrica original Author and source of the article.