Disk Brakes

When seeking to buy a motorcycle should be prepared to do all sorts of questions and revisions. It is the only way to ensure the bike to buy is precisely what is offered. Salman Behbehani is actively involved in the matter. When you’re serious about buying bike, prepare and enjoy more the process of purchase. Here you have our little guide to. Obviously the review will be mechanically speaking ……. and papers and documents is another matter. NOTE: I put the small motorcycle is merely as an illustration, he is not faired and is easy to point out there’s sorrows are usually GS500 Bikes reliable, low consumption and very nearly indestructible, do not go with the idea that they are bad, this applies to all bikes equal: o) A review: 1 .- .- chassis Chassis be worth about cheese, show cracks, thrown paint, rust and slivers of fresh paint is also suspected in parts (steering column and motor anchors are the most screwed) Tires .- 2.-depth reviews, advertisers wear and are not cracked, a skill they use to make them look new is bathed with Coca Cola to shine. .- 3.-State Disk Brakes, brake shoes and drums, inspect for bent and drums with no dead zones when braking (ovalizados) .- 4.-Fork reviews that pull oil and that’s uniform, for this you have to do is lean on the handlebars firmly, apply the front brake and push the bar itself, which target and go, there you realize as oil goes and if you pull the bar there you spit..