Also includes the transport and, in case it is necessary, the diets of personal saying. Of the main ones protagonists in the corporative video are the doblador speaker/.This game in a budget of company video contemplates the work of locution, the cession of the rights of use of the recorded voice and the time of professional recording studio. Besides the speaker, like element of indispensable sound in any production of video, one is included or several musical syntonies basic. This game contemplates the cost of this syntony, whether is an original musical composition for the client, as if it is an acquired syntony in a bookstore, with its acquired rights of use. The post-production process, whose description you can see in one of our articles already published ” The process of post-production of vdeo” , he is of that suppose a greater calculation of hours of dedication in the process of creation of an audio-visual one, and for that reason she will be one of the most outstanding games of the budget.

This game includes the working hours of the video editor, of the one of audio and the multimedia (design graph, responsibility of DVD, altered photographic, etc.). Finally, the adaptation of the resulting video to the format of delivery selected also tene its presence in all budget.Copied, stamping and gives, include in addition, the recording of the masters in DVD, the design and stamping of the title page of the disc and the box, as well as the shipment, of all the copies, to the destiny chosen by the client. You remember that the specialistic producer in corporative video Audio-visual Factory we are to your disposition to realise the budget of the corporative video for your company, as well as explicaros the detailed meaning of each of its games..