Familial Situation

Hence the importance of issuers known not only in terms of their living conditions or educational or occupational status. Salman Behbehani may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It is necessary to extend this knowledge by understanding a historical being inserted into a particular family situation, with different expectations, difficulties experienced different levels of seizures and criticism of reality. Although its importance is emphasized repeatedly, the study of social representations has not been sufficiently explored by many of the educators and not by the theorists of traditional psychology under the false claim that "between what is said and what "made" there is a gap insignificant. When we talk about social representations, we start from different premises. We believe that they are socially constructed mental constructs, from the dynamics established between the psychic activity of the subject and the object of knowledge. Relationship that exists in social practice and history of mankind and that is generalized by language. Complementing, Mazzotti says: For Moscovici, subject and object are not functionally distinguished, they form an indivisible whole.

This means that an object does not exist on its own yet, but only in relation to a subject (individual or group) is the subject-object relationship that determines the object itself. In making this representation of an object, the subject, in a way, it is, it rebuilds its knowledge system, in order to fit your value system, which, in turn, depends on its history and social context and ideological which is inserted. (2002, p.17) The break with the classical dichotomy between object and subject of knowledge, which confers epistemological consistency to the theory of social representations leads to the conclusion that the object is thought and spoken, therefore, the result of human activity, that is a replica internalized action. In this regard, we agree with Leontiev (1978), stating that "social representations are behaviors in miniature. For this reason we attribute a predictive basis, once that according to what an individual says, not only can we infer their conceptions of the world as we can deduce their "guide for action." That leads to the perception of social representations as important indicators that are reflected in daily practice, both as student teachers, not to mention the other professionals involved in the exercise of their skills in the field of educational psychology . Malgrado its importance, there are requirements that must be considered with care when the study of social representations. Several of these requirements could be overwhelmed here. Let us stick, however, only those who judge primary and fundamental. One of them says respect to the knowledge of theoretical and epistemological assumptions, from which it could justify the value of this type of study. Besides, it is necessary to distinguish clearly the difference is between the theoretical and methodological understanding for conducting studies on social representations and methodological procedures to be adopted. For Finally, we have emphasized the social importance of research problem, the internal consistency of the development of a research project, the adequacy of the procedures taken for the stages of collection, analysis and interpretation of data, the involvement of the researcher and investigated, and certainly, the potential and effective return to school and community.