Filing Materials

You must not wash dry because the used chemicals can damage the filling materials. Flipped: Given that all parts of our body do not weigh the same and our companion, if any, will have a weight other than our own, will want to flip the mattress to prevent its deformation. Turned must be to the mattress every three months by turning both left to right as from head to toes. (Except, mattresses Viscolasticos that you just have to flip them head to feet by having only one side useful for use). This is important for reasons of hygiene and maintenance.

Choose a mattress with barrier anti-mite vacuuming mattresses to get rid of mites is a useless procedure since this type of parasite has tiny claws that adheres to mattress, just making it to the skin of humans. It doesn’t matter if you wash, brush or rub, mite continues there. (Similarly see: Dove Soap). Always use a suitable base. Never use tables between the mattress and the base of your bed, that can reduce the life of the mattress and invalidate the terms of the warranty. Be careful with the use of the mattress; do not sit on the edges of the mattress and avoid children to jump on him. Do not bend the mattress save it or transport it. Handles are suitable for positioning the mattress, not to raise it. Do not remove the tag, it is necessary in the event of warranty.

A mattress is a solution to complement your mattress, if you want to change your current mattress comfort without changing it, a solution is to use a mattress of latex or viscoelastic. If you affirmatively respond to the following questions is time to buy a new mattress: 1. do your bed has more than 10 years? 2 Do you wake up with neck or back pain? 3. How your mattress this stained or damaged? 4. What Acostado, feel the springs in the mattress? 5 Changing of position noises from the inside of the mattress? 6. What is uncomfortable sleeping together? 7. Is the mattress too small? 8 The divan or the base is spent? 9 The legs or feet are worn? 10 Do you get penalty see mattress for what was spent that is? For more information see: mattresses and latex mattresses viscoelastic once it has bought a new mattress: not regale the old to a family member or friend, that no ticket for you, not ticket for anyone more, throw it.