Fitness Products

Market sports and fitness products, is considered one of the largest in the world. The scale of trading, it is close to the sum of 100 billion dollars a year. Nearly 40 billion dollars in accessories for sports, sports equipment and simulators. Almost 40 billion $ in sportswear, and a further 20 billion U.S. dollars in shoes for sports. The firm, which holds a leading position, produces and sells sporting equipment, clothing and footwear, Nike is from the United States. Its sales volume is estimated at more than $ 10 billion a year. The German company Adidas takes second place (almost $ 8 billion).

After them followed the American concern Reebok (nearly $ 4 billion) and the German Puma (about $ 2 billion per year) This market is increasing every year, as more people realize the importance of sport and fitness. The proportion of people actively involved in sports, is growing in almost all countries. In addition to direct purpose, clothes for sports and athletic trainers are people every day. Today it is very fashionable to go to the shirts and Nike shoes or Adidas is also at work or in everyday life. Currently in North America, for example, only About forty percent of the population addicted to exercise regularly.

In Germany the figure above, sixty percent of the population enjoy active sports, in Russia this figure is incredibly small, only about 15 percent systematically engaged in fitness, exercise and sport. The number of people who decide to engage in sports, is growing every year. This useful trend comes in such large countries as India, China and Russia, where sales potential is highest. Of course the standard of living and consumers, has an obvious impact on the sales of sports equipment, and plenty more people than is generally more likely that they will acquire and use these sporting goods. Another large market is developing in the field of fitness accessories. Treadmills, exercise bikes, accessories and training for weight loss is very prevalent in our day. In the past, these products were only available in the gym, now people acquire them for use at home. Global trend – the common way of life, conquering the whole world. Including a network of fast food started selling healthy products, although they seems to be still very far from it. In any event, the audience begins to realize that the only constant exercise and proper lifestyle can improve their health over time. As a result, the global Sports goods market will continue to grow in the coming years around the world.