Gegrafos Brazilian

E, still, in the words of Galbraith, who approaches the question of the necessities and the choices of the consumer, we observe that these individual choices are based on gostos and manipulated preferences, not innate. To read more click here: Marcus Lemonis. (GALBRAITH, 1958 apud McFETRIDGE, 1992) Beyond these limitations, the ecodesenvolvimento failed in its objective of being a unanimous pseudo-solution, as much that the proper term ecodesenvolvimento practically is forgotten inside the conception of sustainable development and the times criticized. According to Binsztok: ' ' The gegrafo Sahr (1988) carrying through a study on the concept of sustainable development, revealed skeptical in relation the possibilities of implementation of the project of Sachs. The critical one made for the German researcher points with respect to the presence of definitive found romantic and religious principles in the speeches of one of the most important ideologists of ecodesenvolvimento' '. (2006, p.328) Ignacy Sachs, understanding that the Ecodesenvolvimento is a species of direct matrix and indelvel of the Sustainable Development, ' ' it relieves-se' ' to this last conception, and it starts to use this term in detriment of the first one. In Brazil, it has a compilation that it congregates brief articles its, and possesss as suggestive heading ' ' Ways for the development sustentvel' ' , of 2002. Soon, we perceive that the attempt to join the antagonistic thoughts of countries central offices and peripherals, through the ecodesenvolvimento, did not avenge, bringing new problems to the countries central offices that continued to be contested by the peripheral countries, beyond not having a speech integrator favored that them. In 1982, in the meeting of the AGB (Association of Gegrafos Brazilian), for example, WETTSTEIN states all the existing plea in the peripheral countries, where they continued to raise it the flag of the development, while the ideological speech of the countries central offices continued in this decade, as a hypocritical formula of economic freezing.