Gerardo Navarro Mejia

In the newspapers is where you post the day to day changes and transformations of a society, its evolution and its misfortune, the glories of their collective imagination, their fears and their dreams, and whatever it is, constitutes a missionary obligation of all public library because of her self-esteem, respect that status of librarianship. And it is still a contradiction that the times of glory of the library and made the effort of all those of career officials who have done everything to enlarge it as Juan Bautista Muneton, librarian by profession and director responsible for more than 20 times during its 31 years of service, or Gerardo Navarro Mejia, with his more than 30 years of service, or the humanist and pedagogue Orlando Giraldo Mejia, with more than 25 years and director in the mid-80s, or librarians Luz Ines Gutierrez, with its 28 years, and his partner white, in both the newspaper library, love today not be taken into consideration as a mandatory reference for knowledge and knowledge for drafting of new us addresses this blog needed, because the library has been misplaced in its principles and it already does not interpret that new city than by all sides. In this way perhaps avoid the downfall of this institution formerly Pereira logo, pointing again to the recovery of those spaces as the Club of friends which made her grow in another era, and who may be summoned in general Assembly to find out who has, and we can produce ideas about the custody and preservation of this heritage that belongs to all. And the public library again to lead the initiative of the fairs of the book or science, Ephemerides, literary competitions, get-togethers and recitals. Or the promotion of research like the other libraries of the rest of the country have, and who tends for the rescue of their indigenous values and their characters. .