German Research Centre

In the future, the customer will get services of intelligent products and no longer hang waiting in the wings. Information today still laboriously by telephone or on the Web-queried must be, can be delivered via the network connection of the products. That would require a radical rethinking of the economy: If the service part of the product, must design it this service just like the product. Comparing once, how much money in it, put product design and how much money invested in the service design, you can see a huge discrepancy. Much less is invested in service design”, criticized Muller.

With the smart Service Award, which is awarded to the voice days plus for the first time, you want to contribute to a turnaround. Providers should work together more closely with designers. Modern designer deal not only with the eye, but also that what is taking place in the head – i.e. the process design. And here we are again at the end of the queue. Because this must work in real time.

This is also the way: real time, listening to the customers involved, creating open platforms, implement the Outernet in all products and deal with trends. Always look, what is the Customer now new, what’s on Facebook or Twitter”, says Muller. Technology or computer played only a minor role in the future, predicts Wolfgang Wahlster from the German Research Centre for artificial intelligence (DFKI). In the Internet of things, the systems will try to understand the actions of the user and to complete. “Products get a memory: choice ster introduces that using a pizza box, who knows the allergies of the consumer, and if it has been stored correctly”, Handelsblatt reported. An important role will play speech recognition. The IBM developer John Cohn is convinced. Cohn explains how we can give voice commands even everyday objects, whether now you will have no more dealing with stupid things toaster, refrigerator or car -“, compared to the Handelsblatt. “That raised new problems: it is about acceptable to anzuschnauzen your own cell phone”, Cohn wonders. Many items could be operated today by voice control: the mobile phone, the PC or the navigation device in your car. For certain occupational groups, speech recognition is no longer indispensable: lawyers dictate your documents into a digital voice recorder and let it be text using speech recognition software like Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Or doctors can quickly and easily create reports using speech and just give the patient so that for example the results. Disabled people use speech to control PC or other devices, which could not operate without this software,”says Michael Maria Bommer, General Manager of roof at nuance.