Care and maintenance for optimum securing of investment solar system as any technical equipment must be serviced a photovoltaic system regularly. That also a regular cleaning is essential to obtain the maximum efficiency that is often neglected. In addition to the regular technical inspection, which is usually provided by a maintenance contract with the manufacturer, also a regular cleaning of the solar modules is indispensable for maintaining optimal performance. Typically, the purchase of a photovoltaic plant in advance is probably thinking about and through calculated, it represents but an environmental investment in the future. In the private as well as in the commercial sector the expenditure incurred for the purchase of a solar energy system to refinance as soon as possible. Target is the maximum current income through a flawless functionality of PV modules. That a regular maintenance and care is essential, after the installation of the same to preserve the maximum efficiency regular technical inspections and cleaning operations must be performed.

Many operators are aware of and have checked your system through its paces. Not only the best possible utilisation will focus the gained solar energy, but also the longevity made investment. This round to check-up correctly verifies whether and what hidden causes, which lead to the degradation of performance, are to detect. Precise measurements that expose potential feeding loss thereby assume an important role. Continue to the solar modules be cleaned thoroughly, since any contamination by fatty pollen dusts, fumes, vapor movies etc. that interfere with sunlight.

Foam pads, leaves and bird droppings stains can not only cause significant loss of power, but significantly damage the individual modules. The link is logical: so how also glasses are cleaned from time to time need to get a clear view, the solar modules should be clean as possible to catch the Sun’s rays unimpeded. A simple rinse with tap water does not help here, because any dirt that is not resolved and on the contrary, additional calcium deposits cause. Regular care and maintenance guarantee optimum function a professional maintenance with a special cleaning procedure (which incidentally can be deductible) gives the operator the security about the full power of the system. In the future, new standards will be asked with a permanent monitoring and cleaning of the solar systems. Just in the first five years, where solar manufacturers in the prescribed warranty management obligation of performance guarantees write out the necessary inspections can be detected with a complete documentation of the performed maintenance. Thus the operator not only saves money, what him in case one often does not because conscious – not checked – power supply loss escapes, but can assert warranty claims. This already a quarrel with performance guarantee and warranty donors or even going to the lawyer would have been spared some. Bearing in mind the current development and years of experience in the field of solar specialist companies together have joined already, to be able to offer a full supply. Conzept building service GmbH offers this service for all solar operator. For the version we used a nationwide working mobile special team with the latest technology.