Google Apps

Google takes time working in the multiaccount logon to avoid having to leave one to identify in other. Today this functionality so interesting for the majority of users who work with multiple profiles or domains that use Google Apps mail begins to be available. Since then have different browsers to enter and use multiple email accounts at the same time is a nuisance and even, I know the case in which there is not enough browsers to use the accounts the user has. In this way, with a simple login can identify ourselves in all our accounts, prior configuration. This new option is available in the personal account settings Google (Google Account), just below the field that indicates the main email account. To enable it will indicate which applications we have available under this functionality (Calendar, Code, GMail, Reader and Sites) and warns us that, probably, not yet available for all accounts that we we possess.

Between These notices, simple and basic, remind us that the account that we are currently handling will continue to show in the top right of the screen (or lower) in its mobile version, and that if any of the apps are not available under this function, will be logged in the first account from which we have carried out the identification. Another thing to keep in mind is that the mail or calendar offline capabilities may not be. Nothing else accept these warnings, your user name will become a drop-down menu from which we can gradually introduce the accounts and credentials required to access all the services of our other accounts. Personally had centralized (especially eMail) a single account using POP3 and forwards although this new option gives me more control and organization of the content handling regardless of the account in which I find and therefore a major step. Good, if simple, twice as good. Via: Perikid original author and source Article