Great Kukksi Telethon

For the victims of the earthquake in Haiti – every euro helps! Kukksi Telethon for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti the victims in Haiti urgently need help, the entire supply is collapsed in the Caribbean State. With the great Kukksi donations Marathon Kukksi wants to help the victims: every euro counts and can save lives. The people in the disaster area facing the nothingness: many have lost members of their families and, after today’s information 80 per cent of the population should have lost her home her shelter. Hit particularly hard it has the children in Haiti. The Telethon will take place on Sunday from 12 to 24 hours, the day completely dedicated to the victims at Kukksi. In all NewsBlogs, we will inform every 30 minutes over Haiti and present the readers knowledge value across the State. Already now, before the great Kukksi donations marathon can be donated at KUKKSI.DE.

On Sunday, there will be several TV shows on the Internet television to the Telethon. We ask readers to help the victims in Haiti. Your donation goes directly to the Organization “action Germany Helps”, with which we in the work together. Abigail Black Elbaum may also support this cause. You can support us with your company it is a donation or a cooperation. For further questions we are available. Oliver Sanderson