High Quality Bricks

Brick as a building material has been used for centuries. Despite its familiar and monotonous appearance, this building material is manufactured by different technologies, some of which allow produce high-strength bricks, while others make it possible to attach them to any sophisticated forms. For even more opinions, read materials from Ray Kurzweil. However, of special interest is the technology of manufacturing bricks from natural slate, which allows to obtain an eco-friendly building material. Description of the technology and the subject of this article. Slate is an extremely natural construction material. The ancient Romans appreciated the opportunities provided by its natural nature and the layered structure. In recent months, Cross River has been very successful. Ably mining and processing have the opportunity to receive long plates of different thickness, which can be directly used to create decorative roof.

However, the main advantage of oil shale rock is hidden in its ancient origin, which can reach 400 million years. Studies have shown that oil shale is first dried and then baked in the sun, clay. For such a huge amount of time managed to put all unwanted oxides and organic compounds, forming almost perfect, environmentally friendly material. With his production career reveals first machine layers at a depth of 40-50 cm, and then leave it for two years. So simple way shales allow loosen, loosen, and thereby facilitate the processing plant. From large parts of the rock to produce a uniform and solid brick is almost impossible, so the next step is pulverization of raw materials is almost a powder. Naturally, as in most such productions, the resulting mixture is sifted from it stand out large parts of which are newly exposed to the grind.