I Miss You, Mother

Why are born amid blood, liquid and fluid, with the vernix skin, with closed fists and eyes also, frightened, terrified and open we are with those hands and open arms, with that wide smile, with those cooing voices that we had already heard it, with that face full of joy and happiness with which our mother welcomes us and we yelled if we shout mother!the universal language that all newborn baby screams at birth, here, there and in all corners of the earth mother! What mean thanks!, which means Te Quiero! which means everything that crosses borders, sky, seas and galaxies are born screaming mather, mere, mamay, matter! not interested in the dialect which is pronounced, the day and the hour that is the same is love, tenderness, affection, affection and all their synonyms! and is the same cry that we gritaremos life when the danger stalking us, when problems we consume, when sadness us invade, when pain us AIL and its echo his single ECHO! we will embrace even if you’re not dear mother echoed us sheltering, will give us the tenderness, calm, calm you always give us in life. Mother! word that comes to the soul because it is born from it, each of the trillions of cells, which is born of the sidereal silence of the tissue and Word that perfumes our days and nights our life and actions and the echo of what immense hymn purifies us life!. .