Education and integration: what I propose Teodulo Lopez Melendez Educacion: the sign of the new Government started my approaches to the country warning him about the serious difficulties of the transition. Although the economic box we will call to alarm and drastic forecasts, the new democratic Government must give immediate signals of its path in the globality of what will be its purpose and essence. That is why I have said that you must immediately declare the educational emergency. I believe that the emergency decree must include the total overhaul of the system, a general increase in wages to educators and a clear commitment to immediate and intensive courses of updating and modernisation. I have displayed such courses and who directed them.

This includes the massive use of technology and compliance to 100 per cent of a computer in the hands of every child or young person enrolled, programme already initiated by the present Government. It is, of course, complicated the total revision of the pensa, but less is it fit body education to the new realities and paradigms of the 21st century. Financial availabilities may impose stages in pay recognition to our educators, but it must meet under the principle that everyone adapt ourselves to an education that exceeds the caletre or memorization to become a process of formation of men and women. For this purpose we have the ability of magnificent professionals who feature an educational project that will allow us to move forward rapidly towards a society of knowledge and education for life. Education is closely linked to the social question. There are elements of special attention such as dropping out of school or simply the non-registration of a child in a school, problems linked to domestic violence or extreme poverty. You cannot have an education plan without assistants computers in psychological, attention to the family where the student comes from and in the provision of a balanced diet.