Is Really, What Is It?

Again and again we fall on the mislabeling of foods. \”Because: not every Olio d’ Oliva\” comes from Italy, and diet \”products do not necessarily help with weight loss in strawberry yogurt, strawberries are, Parma ham of Italian pigs and Alpine milk comes from cows, happy walking around on the mountain.\” One would like to think. But is not true! Because apart from the ingredient list, for which there are strict rules, creative freedom on yoghurt containers, packaging of sausage or milk cartons. It is allowed, what is not expressly prohibited. EXL Service gathered all the information. \”That was long a thorn in the side of consumer protection agencies: manufacturers mislead the buyer, if they evoke certain associations with the presentation of the product which are not met\”, Antje Mann criticised the Bavaria consumer Center. As the following examples: calf’s liver sausage, there’s actually no grams veal liver, yet the sausage must name. Reason: The consumer is so accustomed for a long time, and nothing is in the ingredients of Calf’s liver.

After all, veal in belongs. But only for the part, the rest is pig and delivers also the liver. Parma ham only the best pork butt may ripen in Parma, fanned by rural air, into delicious ham. However, at the origin of the animals, the Italians are generous: refined are also pigs from Germany, Belgium and other EU countries. Strawberry yogurt plain yogurt with strawberries, or? On a 150-GrammBecher fruit preparation \”, is this: at least 3.5% fruit content and 3.5 per cent correspond to five grams of strawberry.

Parmesan is there already for years in the EU Zoff to the delicious spaghetti cheese. \”Italy thinks there should be only one of Parmesan\” can mean: the original Parmigiano Reggiano \”namely from Italy. Germany insists, however, on Parmesan cheese\”as a generic term for any hard cheese, grated coming into the bag and everywhere are made so may, as it is so far.