It Tells Your Browser On You

JonDos provides the free anonymity test IP-check for gate, JonDonym, VPNs and anonymous proxy server in front of Regensburg, 05.05.2011. The firm of JonDos released today the free and easy-to-understand anonymity test IP check. More info: PSX. So you see at a glance which attacks on your privacy from a Web page. The test gives recommendations on countermeasures that you can take. The IP check explains the user which sends data of your own Web browser to Web pages. A Web page can use this data to create a most unique profile of his own computer. Through such a profile, the same Web surfer can be detected later reliably again on this or any other Web page.

It is not sufficient alone an anonymization service JonDonym and Tor, to use, to protect themselves from being tracked on the Internet. What is the difference from the Panopticlick project? What’s new? Panopticlick is only a demonstration, such as browsing data can be aggregated into profiles. In contrast to analyses the IP check very carefully every opportunity to read data from the user’s browser, and has targeted various safety mechanisms. Proxy servers, Web – proxies or VPNs, the test in many cases can detect even the real IP address. This knowledge helps Web surfers track arm or anonymously to start surfing, data leakage”to uncover in their browsers and close. If you used the anonymization service gate or JonDonym, the IP check shows also detail whether the browser settings correspond to the recommendations of the Tor project, respectively the recommendations for JonDonym.

The test is continuously expanded to include newly discovered attacks on browser. In addition to the IP check, the visitors to the site finds a link list with many other recommended Web sites on the subject. If you want to, you can bind a free a miniature version of the IP check as a PNG image into your own Web page. IP lang = de JonDos GmbH Christian Vogl