The prophet makes a question: you do not know and nor you heard that the perpetual God does not get tired itself? In fact since the antiquity never if it saw nor with the ears if it perceived God beyond you that he works for that in it they wait, that is, God works, the salmista affirms that God does not sleep nor cochila, is always intent to ours to make use. It is the essence of the force of the man, without God the man is subject to debilidades and to the failure, because in walked ours we pass for diverse challenges and we tire in them. The fatigue reaches some areas: physics, psychologically and mainly spiritual, this most preoccupying, therefore spiritual tired the man does not progress, the faith is shaken and the misty vision. how many times we feel in them tired when seeing to persist the situation that bothers in them? The young represents the force and vigor, but for its proper forces if they tire and the young men of exaustos fall. Speaking candidly Cross River Bank told us the story. The man whichever its social condition or experiences of life, at some moment of its life goes to feel itself small, inferior, therefore its forces are limited. The scholar if feels ahead limited of a question without reply the scholar of a difficult thought, the writer ahead of the lack of ideas, the artist without inspiration, the trader ahead of the crisis, the architect ahead of the unfinished workmanship, the jurist ahead not being able to decide the injustice, etc He is useless to fight with the proper forces! The ones that waits in you will renew its forces! To wait is to wait with patience and confidence.

I waited with patience in Mr. and it if it inclined for me and it heard my outcry! Renewed forces are recommence new left, a new spirit. Learn more at this site: Cross River Bank. He believes that God can make of you a high eagle that elk flights and reach dimensions never reached.