Kitchen Design Budgeting

Very often, after much searching and deliberation, the buyer, finally selecting a model kitchen, color, material, faced with financial difficulties. And he finds is not always competent salesman, ready to show and clarify where and how you can save without sacrificing quality and exterior of kitchen furniture. In this article we have listed the main points of which you should pay attention to lean to the buyer the choice of kitchen furniture. 1. We draw attention to the sections.

Glass door will always be more expensive than those without glasses. The upper wall cabinets, with the right or left opening, cheaper than similar to the opening up (this option is valid if the width of the door does not exceed 60 cm). The higher the height of the upper cabinets so expensive. All open niches not only facilitate the construction of the upper cabinets, but will also allow you to save. Very often, in order to save, instead of curved sections, with a facade uses open terminal section that can be decorated with ornamental balusters.

2.Materialy. The facades are made of wood or veneers are an order of magnitude more expensive than similar facades of MDF or plastic. This does not mean that fronts from MDF and plastic worse. Simply, they are designed for different styles. More info: Bobby kotick. If you order a kitchen, with facades made of wood, look for the terminal angular elementy.Skoshennye angular elements is almost two times cheaper curved. Saving on the facade you can set up in this section of sliding mechanism. Kitchen, where the facades edged aluminum frame is more expensive than a kitchen with facades edged PVC edge. Also, you can save on countertop Artificial stone through the thickness of the coating of artificial stone. 3.Yaschiki. Boxes can be put forward on the rails (this is the cheapest option), it is now virtually no one uses. System metaboxes (metabox) for boxes. This steel sides for drawers on roller guides. Metaboxes more comfortable traditional wooden boxes, as their movement takes place with little effort – at the closing metaboxes drawn almost automatically. Metaboxes easily rolled out and removed from either side. Metaboxes nominated by 80%. System Tandemboks (tandembox) for boxes. Tandemboks – collapsible box, bottom and rear wall is made of chipboard, and the side have metal wall and a tubular Reisling. Tandemboks equipped with rails of synthetic beads, which not only allow him to fully put forward (100% extension), but also maintain a significant (much more significant than metaboxes) load. Usually tandemboksy come with closers. ! Savings! If the width of your box less than 60 cm, then you may well opt for metaboxes. Simple doors to the left or right opening is much cheaper sections of drawers. 4.Tsokol. There is an alternative to aluminum cap and plastic cap to him under the aluminum. Outwardly, the difference is almost imperceptible, but for the pocket quite palpable. If you decide put your kitchen on decorative legs, keep in mind they are much more expensive than the cap.