Little Red Riding Hood

Many of you have read this story in my childhood. Many people know this story as a fairy tale for adults. But once, many centuries ago (probably during the time of Atlantis), this tale was a completely different meaning. It was in the old town in trees to the songs of birds. Most often it is not long came to the grandmother and the rest of the day spent in nature. For some reason, long linger in her visit she did not like, as well as her father (when they both attended my mother's mother, he difficulty finding common ground with her).

His father is no longer seen. One overcast weekend, he decided to come back in one his wife's mother and since then it had seen no one. As in those fairy tales that you know, this legend was also a wolf. In fact, the story was not about Little Red Riding Hood, and about him. Some people tend to distort the event in its own way and in his own defense, with those so that the meaning is the opposite. Something similar happened to this fairy tale.

This The wolf was very old, and those people are old-timers who have seen it long ago, said that while he was as old as they are now: on this, or who could not imagine how old he is. He could remember when the forest where he lives, was young. How does a first-neighbors animals, as after two fires and a forest recovering from them. He remembers how the first humans came near the forest, he remembers how the forest has helped people and how people helped the forest. The forest was really his House, and Wood, in turn, saw him as their master, the owner, if needed, perform the dirty work – cleaning the forest from the fact that the forest did not bring good, rather, on what was beginning to hurt the Forest.