Special studies showed that the initial impression you make on others, 55% is determined by your looks and gestures, 38% – your style of conversation, and only 7% of what you actually say. Looks Look straight in the eye every man – a powerful psychological technique! Usually we do so, when we love or hate, when experiencing strong emotions. If you want to flirt with someone, to seize and hold his gaze even for a second. (Only no longer than a second, otherwise it could be perceived as a threat). If a man is brought back to you your sight, so he was interested in, and your chances go up, especially if it occurs in the second and third time.

If not, do not upset. Look closely at how he behaves with others, he may just be shy, and you think it just confuses. Talk about anything in a friendly conversation, there is one rule: the speaker always looks around more than listening. Hence the conclusion – to seize the initiative in conversation simply, you only need to intercept the view. Mistake, however, would abuse this technique.

A closer look may scare the interlocutor. In the end, you're just met. At what distance flirt distance between you and another person – not such a trifle, as you might think. When we first met Do not come closer than twenty meters. Psychologists believe that it is 1.2 meters the so-called border 'social zone'. If you have received a positive response, you can even come close to 40-50 cm up to a distance of 70 cm, and you're in the 'personal zone'.