Marc Aurel

Weak need the reinforcement by the group or formal means. Searching even simpler Minds want to be lived. Strong people live their authenticity and identity self-determined! In the course of our life we learn repeatedly that conflicts men live out their power in physical violence (visible consequences). To read more click here: DXC Technology. Women living out invisible however, in psychological violence, such as mock helplessness. Which is why we men are also the weaker sex. For manslaughter at least.

10 years gets one (s). For the mass psychological personality destruction married women and mothers expect children and husbands impunity. Earlier we used the term power in connection with a positive or negative personalized guide/leader (+ Jesus, Nero, + Marc Aurel, Napoleon, Mr. H. – Stalin, + Gandhi + Dalai Lahma). Today, to use the concepts of dominance and sub dominance. Dominance is a term used for descriptions in nature, and so on.

“For example: In the Park dominate the Tulips in May and in July the roses.” In the stands, blue dominated. The opposite term is often: under represented. There are visible and un-visible Macht(e): the glass ceilings and walls cause in our social system such as the social fringe groups, despite intelligence, such as no Board position reach (practice). According to our laws (theoretically) has anyone every chance (formally power). There are also vitalistic and mechanistic powers: A Hall folder (human decision-makers) looks me in the “no” in the eye. A ticket machine (programmed all or nothing (0 v 1)) does not accept my Bill. It then comes a conductor. And every time I am the depression! Makes, referred to a widespread understanding of power over to affect the behavior and thinking of social groups or people in the own sense and interest – as the ability of individuals and groups. It is a fundamental social aspect which plays a role in virtually all forms of human coexistence.