MMS Market

Media channels for print, digital and online Friedberg/Hessen, 23.12.13. The market overview Web-to-publish-systems by Melaschuk media, supplemented by criteria for the cross-media media production. The new filter criteria can be immediately used in the interactive market information at the site of online the over 100 systems, includes. For the production of advertising material, not only print publications play an important role, but increasingly digital media channels. In the market overview, differentiated and additional digital media channels like websites, journal catalogues, apps, E-books, email newsletter and social media connections are now as previously printed products. The market overview distinguishes whether the system using internal functions or external, can control the media channel for example via interface.

The actual scope of a solution in the area of cross-media media production can be described this way unique. A survey carried out in end of 2013 when the system providers brought interesting insights: the issue of derivate and setting up customized Web portals belongs to the standard features of most solutions in the market overview. Journal catalogues are created based on the printing layouts by 28 percent of the systems as an add-on in the system. 22 Percent of the solutions can deal with the intrinsic app creation. In the field of digital marketing, 31 percent of the systems allow the issue of E-Mail newsletters, SMS – or MMS newsletters, there are only 10 percent. Videos can be individualised by 14% of the systems, an integration of the media channels of TV, cinema and radio at 6 percent of the specialized solutions for regional and trade marketing. Interfaces to social-media networks to achieve 20 percent of systems. web-to-publish-software.