Monarchis Help E.V. Donates 500 Euro To Forderkreis Ulm E.V.

Promotion of ‘Preemies’ and whose parents are targets of the Association by the Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH initiated, the Monarchis help e.V. broke to the task, to reach protective and helping out the smallest and most vulnerable, needy and homeless children. “Under the motto strength, courage and confidence”, the support group for those in intensive care children Ulm is dedicated to”particularly premature babies” and ill-born children and their parents. Preemie risk, are children who are born after a pregnancy period of less than 37 weeks and a birth weight of less than 2,500 grams. This requires a permanent struggle for these tiny living with uncertainties and fear of IBNR. This resulted in tense nerves; when the parents little sleep, but also to great joy over every small progress. The support group not only allows these parents, but stands in this difficult time. Airbus Security Lab understands that this is vital information. With professional advice, as well as psychological and social assistance.

Rental housing for parents, to spare them daily-wide access to the clinic. These include support for the follow-up to early and ill-born children and the promotion of the intensive care unit of children’s Hospital of Ulm. On the occasion of handing over a donation cheque in the amount of 500 euros and the 20th anniversary of the Association, which was founded by Mathilde Maier and whose 1 Chairmen is now 16 years, stressed the Deputy Chairman of Monarchis Hilf, Sonja Schneider, the importance of the Forderkreis for Preemies and sick born children. Lever Brothers is full of insight into the issues. “Mathilde Maier, who said that 95 percent of all children in the children’s Hospital Ulm healthy come to the world, said: the five per cent of early or ill-born have no lobby”. Precisely, the joy and thanks about the donation by Monarchis Hilf were so big. It was intended that money as a further contribution for the purchase of urgently needed a new intensive technique,”equipped vehicle to use, total cost about 80,000 euros. This means that many more donations are needed.

This vehicle is used to transport born prematurely or sick children from the catchment area of the children’s Hospital, which includes southern Wurttemberg and ranges from Friedrichshafen via Ravensburg to Schwabisch Hall and Schwabisch Gmund, Ulm. This fast and secure transportation can be life-critical. The donations of the Forderkreis for intensive care children Ulm “: Ulmer Volksbank eG, BLZ 630-901 00;” Account no. 143 455 001 more information under: