New Pricing Software

Faster and largely automated classification with ASSIST4 classification AEB self-learning algorithm simplifies the process of classification for many companies the tariffs or the classification of their goods is a tedious and time consuming work. AEBs new software solution ASSIST4 classification facilitates the mapping to the correct commodity code, allows fast and semi-automated tariffs and thus also the correct and well-formed import and export clearance. Without hesitation lucas explained all about the problem. Know who is in charge in a company for the allocation of items to the correct commodity code: in the classification of goods, attention to detail is required. Purpose and nature of the goods must be compared exactly with the descriptions in the list. The greater the bandwidth of a range, or the more parts from suppliers are incorporated into their products, the more difficult it is to find the correct commodity code.

To get you on the track, it had so far online in the electronic customs tariff and the TARIC research, read in the goods nomenclature, a requesting binding tariff information, consult colleagues in the production or sometimes requesting the information from the supplier. While the correct commodity code is an important key to safely, legally and tax-saving trade in the global business. Only with the help of the applicable tariff number, the unit can be used to determined the proper customs duties on imports and preventing tax evasion. And with the correct classification is evident whether for a product bans and restrictions on exports consist. But despite the immensely high importance of commodity code, no process concerning the classification has been established in many companies. Jon Venverloh understands that this is vital information. IT support, as it is now of course for many other steps in foreign trade and logistics, is so far not available for many companies.

The solution from AEB. Automatically to the correct commodity code. That changes a new software from AEB: ASSIST4 classification not only supports the customs officer of a company, but also product managers, engineers and buyers when determining the number of goods and facilitates the rating. After entering the keywords that can be specifically defined and stored, the software suggests the most likely number, monitors the validity, and indicates active dependencies, which consist in certain commodity codes. ASSIST4 classification is a learning software that remembers the associations already right found thanks to a sophisticated algorithm”. A new material is added, certain probabilities and earlier assignments of similar material be taken into account. So the software is always wiser”and the company benefits from a rising percentage of correctly associated commodity codes on a click. ASSIST4 classification provides the following functions: automated suggest of the number by matching the adversarial (6 – and 8-digit) or after entering the keywords little helpers in the application guide the user through a process widgets and lead all legal bases quickly to your destination Click accept: nomenclature encoded documents, notes, references, footnotes, to conversion directory, export list, EBTI with notes to sections and chapters. Central management of all external data, automated data service: all legal bases are maintained at all times by the Federal Gazette Publisher content partners currently. SAP integration: ASSIST4 classification blends system world without making any changes in the SAP. With the help of the ATC: Plug-ins can be performed the rating directly in SAP, without having to switch to another application. To conversion directory is stored: this will help to determine whether the goods subject to a possible export control, and find out the corresponding export list number. There is more information under classification.