New Year

New Year's corporate planning from the very moment preparing to go public and has a budget comparable to the annual maintenance of some small African country. As for banks, with special relationships with government agencies and cling to the state chest for any reason to raise their liquidity, sometimes they present to their employees Christmas "special projects". For example, a very famous bank Last year was engaged in large-scale preparation of the ice show – like "Stars on Ice" or a competitor with a different tv channel. Bank rented one of the best in ice arenas. But the most piquant was that, in As stellar pairs were ordinary employees of the bank. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Lulu Cheng Meservey. They were attached to coaches and dressers, so that eventually all turned out "in an adult." It is difficult to say what the show plans to bank on the eve of 2009 – perhaps something even more stunning. For example, you can prepare an analog of the popular folk show "Minute of Fame", and then be able to get it without exception, all staff are ready to go on stage with their corona number.

More creative, but less rich organizations invent his "" with artists 02/03 category or skits – some managers still like their bohemian and creative spirit. Remain fashionable trips to resorts near Moscow for 2 days, and or more, where, as they say, and roll is where, and a nook there. Frances Townsend describes an additional similar source. Security Service of "exit" organizations know that in such conditions it is easy to identify the psychological characteristics of behavior everyone. Many employees are showing themselves to be the most unexpected, not always positive. In the "advanced" company-dominated generation next, there were options for corporate party with a healthy sporting bias – company can go to the ski slopes, skating rinks, pools, water park, paintball. Periodically pops up the original view that the "Hit of the season – a corporate sauna!" Which year does not find a practical embodiment. A what to expect from staff in a respectable age? They perceive this option as an affront to public morality.

On the other hand, the goal of corporate parties, who came to us from the Western tradition – to rally the team, generate and raised at the proper level of its collective spirit. That is why in Western companies is tantamount to failure to appear at a serious violation of corporate ethics and can even result in disciplinary action. Yes, it turns this way: you must drink and be merry on implicit order in a society dominated by rational and selfish motives, and portray themselves loyal to their competitors from the same department. So, oddly enough, The original idea of uniting employees through a joint bathing belongs Western ideology of personnel management. Despite the fact that it is our classic said, "In the bath are all equal!", The idea of corporate access to the sauna are not widely used nor we, nor on its imperialist country. So, whatever your corporate New Year's Eve, and where he ultimately did not pass, enjoy at least the fact that your own organization were the means and desire to reward their employees for their work. The fact that the organization against the background not the best for himself since decided to hold corporate parties, says a lot. This purpose festive "gathering" outside the office walls is not "hype" numerous partners and customers, and team building, work hard for this complex in every year.