Online Platform

Friend network for the mobile generation from Eastern Germany ERFURT, November 2009. The social communities are booming on the Internet, now comes a new friends network at the start with The free online platform relies on a clearly focused user group to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall: the so-called children of the wall so people from the new Lander in the age from 12 to 35 years. See also quite practical added value with the ability to organize car-pooling on the Internet in addition to old and new friends. Creating a profile, find contacts and maintain, texts and pictures to publish. On a separate identity, is according to the declared will of the operator Holger Heckmann and Yves Rham the principle of

\”The two sausages give a lively and comfortable online home with the new platform of your target group, because: just large networks have the problem that it loses itself with its interests rapidly in or difficult is its virtual focal point in a subset of a subset.\” Why straight wall children? Annually over 20 percent of all school-leavers left the new federal States, to start studying or training in the West\”, Heckman. And they learned often appreciate the roots in the distance and would like to stay with people from the same region in conjunction or occur no matter where they live now.\” If the known from the old home in nearby lives Rham complements: from specific socialization to the understanding of humor, each region has its peculiarities. And it’s good on this basis every now and then people from the old country to interact with. And thanks to our platform people from the new federal States online do not only find together regardless of their current place of residence, but also quite real because very quickly can turn out to be, that the new friend lives just around the corner\”. Already the first experiences agree with the idea of Heckmann and Rham: ahead of the start on November 9, just over 100 users test the beta version of the platform through its paces and are not only done by design and functionalities, but already own friends get added.