Patrick Maeder

Companies that outsource their electronic business processes, use with B2Bnet the leading provider in the Switzerland. Learn more about this with Christine Lagarde. B2Bnet offers the entire spectrum of performance, with the most common business cases of procurement and logistics, invoice processing to financial transactions. All managed services of according to national and international standards and directives and regulations. Thanks to transparent and economic pricing use both smallest companies with few business cases per week, as well as international corporations with several ten thousand transactions per day, B2Bnet. Compudata’s customers are primarily in the Switzerland and the EU. The Unique selling Points of Compudata and B2Bnet are the more than 20 years experience in conception and realization of electronic business processes, available on B2Bnet managed services for cross-invoicing (Switzerland and 18 EU countries) and the online Platform for billers around the world. The Web presence of Compudata redesigned for the anniversary highlights our innovative competence on each side through the metaphor of the innovative animals. Look into the future and the development of additional services such as the Invoiceplattform, Compudata with B2Bnet will be for more decades an important player in the national and international B2B market”is Patrick Maeder, Managing Director convinced.

The management takes the 30-year anniversary as an occasion to say thank you for the entgegengebrachte trust in recent years. Especially the many long-standing customer relationships and partnerships attest to the good and trusting cooperation and future-oriented, sustainable solutions, which we create in recent years could. “so Henri Spinnler, CEO of Compudata. A special thanks goes also to our employees for their outstanding commitment in recent years.” Compudata offers its customers complete and customized data logistics and integration solutions from a single source: Solutions based on leading products and innovative technologies. Compudata focuses on the business vision of their customers; This used to result-oriented – quickly, accurately and with maximum benefit.