Prepaid Cards – How Is That If It Is All?

How can you his prepaid card the easiest charge. Prepaid cards allow the mobile phone without fee or minimum sales. Instead of a contract to buy a telephone (SIM) card with credit. This one can talk and recharge the card at any time with a new balance. So to keep the full cost control, because you can not spend more than the credit balance. A common argument against prepaid cards is the argument what do I but if days credits out of me? “In the past it was like that then bought a credit card with a code in the store. This had to be unlocked then and only then could be on the phone.

This is now much easier. The up-loading method favored by me is SMS, which now have a variety of providers in the program. This one for example simply sends an SMS with the message on cake 15 “to the appropriate service number. Speaking candidly CBRE told us the story. Whereupon the balances on is posted automatically and the own account with the corresponding amount will be charged. To have this service usually in the Released prior to and the account data must be appropriately stored.

In addition to the manual charging, there is now also the possibility of the automatic charge at most. Either once per month, an amount is x or but an amount y if given credits on the prepaid card. In the second case however, it should be noted, that control costs only when looking at the statement shown an advantage of a prepaid card, the cost control is, thus directly in the phone, lost. Under the following link we have compiled an overview of up loading opportunities at the major prepaid providers. Her Torsten Leidloff