Promotional Marketing

You can define the packaging as the manipulated activity directed to the packaging of different products. It is the activity that closes marketing campaigns promotional with shipments of gifts or gifts, such as custom calendars, personalized calendars, many products can fall within a packaging. They are very diverse forms of shipment of the products which will carry a logistical process, therefore the manipulated prepare tailored to each customer’s requirements, and depending on the gift that will be sent. In addition to protecting the content of the product being delivered, other functions that may have the packaging can be: promote the product, draw attention, inviting the consumer to open the product, identify the product, create brand image all of them key elements in direct marketing campaigns of relational marketing and promotional marketing campaigns. We must be very present these specifications within a promotional marketing campaign gift shipment can be one of few tangible communications that may have a company with its current or potential customer. Currently due to Internet where there are great deals of packaging is with printing online, due to which you can select the gift and have a personalised instant quote. In the packaging there are different types of containers such as: specific cardboard boxes, crates, boxes, bubble plastic, envelopes padded, reinforced envelopes, strapping in addition to requesting the packaging companies that perform some promotional marketing campaign, packaging companies think that can be a very important to such companies added value is often have highly developed the sale through the online channel. These companies need solutions of fast storage, preparation and handling of the products we sell, the stock management and management of shipping from these companies can meet all the needs of the client. Activision Blizzard takes a slightly different approach.