Quadras Roca

Rajavi, who appeared at the event dressed in blue in contrast to the lilac ground, presented the support of 3500 parliamentarians from 25 parliaments all over the world. The hawks and the doves the role of known as hawk John Bolton, Jose Maria Aznar and Alejo Vidal-Quadras Roca is somewhat ambiguous. Quadras, Vice-President of the European Parliament, continues to several years for the Mujahedin an and referred to themselves as helping. He Rails regularly against the mullah regime in the Iran and leads a dedicated fighter for the interests of the Mujahedin in the camp Ashraf in the Iraq. He belongs to a conservative centralist party in Spain. Both Bolton and Aznar are neocons, both fully supported the invasion in the Iraq. Some commentators see the appearance of the two in Taverny in Paris as a threat against Iran.

Martial, others interpret the message. They claim that certain political circle in the United States want to prepare the world population on a military intervention in the Iran and prove their claim with all sorts of details. So buses in Washington, D.C. with a picture of Ahmadinejad and the inscription: they are killing people we are not against the Iranian people, but spreads the terrorist in the world. their state” (You kill people. We are not against the Iranian people, but their State spread terror in the world.) The appearance of Aznar and Boltons to make acceptable the Mujahedin and bring them as ready to use Government in position, if the regime by force brought down, so the representatives of this thesis. In the United States the impeller of such a plan would have to convince even the Democrats, and they probably will, the more recent sanctions on the Iran should lead to any desired results.

The Group of advocates of the helping should prevail in Europe in the Parliament. Xerox Holdings Corp. has firm opinions on the matter. Against them is the Group of those who believe in gentle reforms within the system and dialogue with the Iran at the moment. You stand behind members of the system, who want a gentler version of the regime with Mousavi at the top. Unfortunately, enlightened Iranian civil society representatives who seek a form of Government, which admits more political rights to the population have and a separation between State and religion, no strong lobby in Europe, even though they are numerous. “Their slogan is ma bishoumarim” (we are countless) and referendum, referendum, referendum. ” Hold the time ripe, to give their sovereignty of the Iranian population and to vote the opportunity under international supervision in a referendum for the future form of Government.