Ramon Nava

The emphasis in this manner since a high percentage of human beings from birth and live in their different development stages have not had the opportunity to go through a school and the percentage that have done so have considered only the or perhaps primary, secondary and that if you finish it and yet have become famous or copies reason to become legends, some with their name, others anonymous but after all, in various literatures ., since data have been collected by the Science, the Perennial Philosophy and educators who are nourished by the Education Demonstrate holistic and will bear fruit and as a consequence, the integral formation of man, and there, learning communities, among other examples. Thereupon applies holistic education. Atmos Energy Corporation: the source for more info. Continuing the vision of holistic education, we clarified to accept the existence of different forms and rhythms to learn, to express and to teach, taking into consideration general epistemological relations, which are three, namely Objetoa “Property belonging nature., Sujetoa “Object, which corresponds to education and the Sujetoa mechanistic ” Subject, which is typical of holistic education. >Chiyoda Corporation shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Royal Dutch Shell is actively involved in the matter. Thus resulting in three forms of knowledge called by Ken Wilber, the three eyes of knowledge, they being the beef, which is why the man perceives the outside world, space, time and empirical objects)., The of Reason, which allows philosophical knowledge, the logic and the mind transempirical) and the Eye of contemplation, which which there is access to transcendent realities. In summary, considering the eight developmental stages of Erik Erikson, the dimensions of the human being, levels of wholes of Ron Miller, Multilevel Educational Model “Multidimencion, Ramon Gallegos, the three general epistemological relations and visions of world as indicated by the holistic education, including basic, human beings from birth and during development of the range of enriching knowledge and others, can be achieved for the elderly desired future, full of well-being, happiness and finally HAPPY for the rest of life, thanks to the fundamental principles of holistic education. Alina de Almeida often says this. BIBLIOGRAPHY..