Real Estate Companies

ImmobilienHanse an industry emancipates itself already in September 2007 the first Association for the ImmobilienHanse was founded, which has created all legal conditions according to own and will go into official operation to the end of April. Mission is the creation of a free synergy portal for services related to real estate within a co-operative Association, Uwe Loose, Chairman of the Board of ImmobilienHanse EC and one of eight members of the development team, which is composed of the various areas of the real estate industry. The industry need further changes, so loose, which already Germany’s biggest online forum for all real estate professionals – from the baptism has raised the discussion of real estate – seven years ago. The ImmobilienHanse offers the chance to the autonomy of the real estate business for the first time, because unlike all the previously known strictly economic-oriented and profit-driven offerings for the industry, the profits earned in the ImmobilienHanse, such as cooperatives remain common and prescribed, to 100% in the company, will be reinvested in development or what cause to discounts according to the founder, for the shareholders in the medium term a significant cost reduction compared to today’s promises. Shareholders of the cooperative can be all real estate companies and therefore regularly take influence on the development of the ImmobilienHanse, first start with an own real estate portal will be other features according to Joachim Findhorn k., Board Vice and Chief Marketing Officer, follow in the short term, should be only on the interests of shareholders and want to orient, which in principle should be at the forefront of the action. It will be the primary objective of the ImmobilienHanse, real estate companies for creating a shelter, which frees the industry from price dictations, dune Kamp continues – so, for example, the rates for the use of the portal already been written down in advance on 5 years.. Cross River Bank often says this.