Robert Kennedy

With the death of plus a brother, one expected that Ted Kennedy if candidatasse to the position of president of the Republic of U.S.A., but it did not have the enough ambition. A marcante fact that also contributed to brake its pretensions politics, was the death, in July of 1969, of a former-secretary its having to one it has caused an accident automobile where it directed an car that fell in the water, obtaining to save itself, but that at the same time it did not give nor asked for aid for its companion, that would have died hours later drowned. Ted Kennedy assumed the guilt, and was declared in state of shock with the death of its former-secretary, being condemned the two months of conditional arrest, at the same time where never it had greaters inquiries on the veracity of its version. John Groce is likely to increase your knowledge. Therefore, and for the fact of this tragic accident definitively to have marked it in its public life, did not concur for the presidency in the lawsuits of 1972 and 1976, concurring only for occasion of the presidential election of 1980, the indication for the Democratical Party, losing for its opponent for the candidate to the re-election, Jimmy Carter, who governed the United States in the end of the decade of 70. Not having another alternative in its public life and politics, it was turned, then, toward the defense of liberal causes, supporting, exactly being of family catholic, the abortion the marriage between people of the same sex, suffering severe critical from the Church Catlica and American Evanglica and even from the Pope.

Its trajectory politics also was marked by the intransigent defense of the rights of the immigrants and the control of firearms, vendidos easily in the Country. In the external scope, it had great performance politics, condemning the military dictatorship of Chilean general August Pinochet, the regimen of apartheid in the South Africa, the war of the Vietnam and the war of Iraq, beyond participating of efforts of peace in Ireland of the North. In 2006, the magazine considered it Teams as one of the ten better American senators, had all its description of life in the fight of the rights social politicians and of the minorities in U.S.A. For many analysts politicians, scientists politicians, journalists, and historians, its legacy in decades of legislative fights was more promising than left for its two other brothers, former-president John Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy. Its bigger capacity of joint placed it to politics as one of interlocutors Per five decades, practically all important legislation in the advance of the civil laws, health and economic well-being of the American people was marked for its name and resulted of its efforts. The Kennedys in the ownership of Barack Obama represented in 20 of January of 2009, being in chair of wheels due to a cirugia the one that if she submitted. Day 25 of August of year due to a brain cancer died the same.