Roman Catholic Kirchenaustritte Regensburg 2010 Plus 38 Percent

Catholic Kirchenaustritte in Regensburg 2010 order 38prozent facing 2009 increases all subsequent figures are taken without warrant and the following statistics page of the city rain Castle: informationen_u_zahlen/monthly / Kirchenein – and Kirchenaustritte of Regensburg is considered erzkatholisch and traditionally has a backlog at the Kirchenaustritten in my opinion. Cheered on by the discussion of the behavior of the Bishop mixa and massive allegations of abuse the Kirchenaustritte increased 2010 2009 to 38%. In the city of Regensburg 923 people who left last year. Church. In the following graphic, the development is the Kath. Represented Kirchenaustritte in Regensburg from 2007 to 2010. It is to be hoped that themselves are aware of their massive stamping by the priest collected people usually by infant baptisms for the purposes of the Christian churches. Then, the I believe positive development of recent years in the r-k could be.

Kirchenaustritten continue in 2011. See: r.-k. Kirchenaustritte-Regensburg-2007-2010 the outlets have also significantly exceeded the baptisms. Exits 2010: 923 baptisms 2010: 637 with 507 under two-year children made Catholic by baptism. The central problem is infant baptism, which violated the right of self-determination of the people in my opinion. I can only advise parents to keep children away from priests. As the large churches owe their social influence of their high number of members, each Member is also responsible for the actions of the churches. Questions and discussion of religious worldviews and a scientific philosophical view of the world like to see: index.php? board = 42.0, philosopher, physicist Joachim Datko forum for a fair, social market economy