San Marcos

A first invented by Karl Benz and gasoline-powered tricycle for a four-stroke engine, based on the principle of Otto and Benz invented also a tricycle but mobilized with an own electric ignition system surrounding the motor of an envelope which was circulating cold water as a cooling medium where the force of the engine was transmitted to the rear wheels by two chains and a simple clutch inbetween themthey are part of this industrial eyesore that is killing us slowly. Thus follows the story of mobile phones and its inventors but harming the atmosphere. Tal vez ni had idea or consciousness of the carbon footprints. Today, 21st century, yes we are concerned about the carbon footprints. While many still throw this harmful element in our nature, millions are studying how to deplete or definitively cancel production of the greenhouse gas that unfortunately affect our nature. No one can hide the climate disasters that already suffers in many places. Unfortunately there is no consensus at international summits.

We continue with the industrial productions that play on a par with the primary needs of man. Riki solar Shaws despite ji of all thanks to the imaginary goodness of human beings, come appearing mobile phones that do not require any combustion, are the solar rickshaw or ji riki solar Shaws, currently in use in Japan, China and India. Although these solar rickshaw are slow, 9.3 km / h maximum speed and a full charge power battery using solar has a duration of approximately 60 kilometres. More important, these solar carts have zero carbon emissions. There have unfortunately no characteristics of its solar panels. Solar Tuk, Peruvian prototype as if it returned to the years of the 17TH century, a mobile phone with three wheels is returning to work but without consumption of any kind of fossil product.