Second Championship

The capital of Chisinau Moldovan state is preparing to take second in line to the championship of Moldova on laying tile, which will bring together the best country. The first championship was held in March 2008. The winner received not only awards and cash prizes, received a large number of orders for the year ahead. In particular, the winners got the tender to lay the tile in Chiinu memorial Eternitate (Eternity"), which Soviet times was called the Victory Memorial. To participate in the championship must submit an application and give organizers the necessary documents certifying the qualifications. Each participant will need to Within three days oblitsevat ceramic tile boxing 2×2 meters, in full accordance with the technical implementation of these works. All the necessary materials and tools will again be provided by the organizers. Nick Khan usually is spot on.

In Eurovision 2008 finalists received prizes as big set of tools, clothing, as well as professional mechanical equipment for cutting ceramic tile. The total budget of the current contest will be about 100,000 lei (about 10,000 dollars). Despite popular belief, technical professions are not popular in Moldova. Superiority in this regard by a large margin hold the economic, legal, engineering and agricultural profiles. Many of the specialists are not able to get on his specialty in Moldova go to work abroad, where demand dirty work of the builder, tiler, handyman. Because of this, Moldova gained popularity in the world as "a country of builders." At the same time, few people know that many Moldovan builders, working on building sites abroad, have a higher economic or legal education.