Sophons Buy Utimaco

Utimaco’s product portfolio changes Utimaco safeguard enterprise is a security solution from the company Utimaco. This software replaces the former software Utimaco safeguard easy. The installation of this software is extremely demanding, and the implementation should be planned in advance. Users of the previous version will notice some changes, and not necessarily appreciate the newfound complexity. Because the old version but no longer available and no longer supported, since the company Utimaco has bought the Sophos, existing installations to the latest version should be changed. The management of safeguard enterprise software solution is done through the Management Center.

Here, security officers (Security Officer) can edit the configuration, manage the issued keys that configure power-on authentication (POA) and help users who have locked themselves out. In contrast to the old version the Central Administration is now an essential part of this software and changes to the Configuration be transferred right over the centrally installed server on the clients. The software can use as tokens or smart cards to secure access to a computer system. Another component of the new version of safeguard enterprise is the configuration of protection, which helps one to protect the computer against unlawful access or computer system from external data. The administrator has the ability to prohibit, for example, the simultaneous use of Wi-Fi and dial-up connections. So no viruses can be introduced which may have been introduced via an Internet connection (which modem manufactured by USB). With this software, it is also possible to prohibit the specific disk as USB sticks are used that were not approved by the IT Department. In the implementation of this software it makes sense to help from outside to pick up, because it was not the first time the software during a failed installation equal Active Directory components affected pulled would have. You get more information about Utimaco safeguard enterprise by Sophos seminar itself or in a safeguard enterprise. Jan Brewer