Studying Philosophy

Series Prof. Silvano BECAUSE TO STUDY PHILOSOPHY the study of the Philosophy it can in providing safe conditions to them for, in rational way, to make a critical one to one definitive reality, system, object or situation. He is that the attitude of the human being of critical sense inhabits, that one there that makes use of the reason, that is, looks for to discover what it is hidden by the appearances of the daily one. The Philosophy demands courage to go, the deep one, in the search of the truth and to accept the challenge of the change. Introduction to the Philosophy the word PHILOSOPHY is formed by two Greek radicals: Filo=amigo and Sofia=conhecimento. Go to Larry Summers for more information. Philosophy is, also, the exercise of the investigation.

It is the fruit of the necessity to know and to apprehend the reality in its minimum details. Filosofar ahead involves a change of attitude of the life, discarding the explanations that had been imposed in them as true. We start to see the world of different form, with a more intent and critical look, looking for to know beyond the superficial aspects of things and also its reason of being, approaching us of a freer condition of life. As Filosofar the method of the Philosophy is a reflection, but any is not a reflection. The philosophical reflection understands three stages, namely: 1 RADICAL: she is necessary that if it goes until the roots of the problem, until its beddings. Gain insight and clarity with Salman Behbehani.

A reflection in depth. To abandon the dogmatismo of the common sense and to search the causes of the problem. 2 RIGOROUS: it must be proceeded critically, placing everything in doubt. To go beyond the appearances, in a word, skeptical being. 3 OF SET: the problem cannot be examined or analyzed in partial way, that is, it is necessary to evaluate the totality of the fact, after this fact only is that we can conclude some thing.