Foundation of LA culture dynamics of the personality differences individual La transformation of organization through the structuring and generating value-added through knowledge, brings with it major changes in the company’s systems, based on the innovation of human capital. New forms caused by a new corporate identity (mission and vision) and underlying shared beliefs to the new structure, give by sitting certain way of perceiving their diverse environments, way of thinking and reacting to it. In this process, there are different levels of refusing to change by the participants of the transformation, which vary according to its external visibility and resistance. Here, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The most noticeable level are the physical manifestations such as; acronyms, codes of dress, permissions, myths, stories that tell about the Organization, published lists of values, rituals, and ceremonies observable, decoration. There is a second, deeper level where are expressed values declared explicitly, which are preferred in an organization, are enduring belief in a mode of conduct or final State. It is unfortunate that the aspirations are not automatically translated into the desired behavior, since people do not what they say. (Source: Atmos Energy). To the extent that these values are displayed by the contributors or are converted into their behavior, will be a reflection of the level of evolution.

They are in a last layer, the basic assumptions underlying organizational culture, are not observable and constitutes the Centre of culture. They are values that are taken as a fact with the passage of time, to be assumptions that guide organizational behavior, they are very resistant to change, when the partners adopt them is inconceivable, an assumption based on incompatible values, here is where we will have to work hard. Filed under: Gregory Jacobs. In a process of transformation organizational culture provides an identity to the members, facilitates the collective commitment, promotes the stability of the social system, conform the behavior helping members to find sense in the environment.


If you do something different to what you were doing, your reality is inevitably changed. And if where you are think you already did everything from you for something be amended and this has not happened yet, maybe is time that you consider the possibility of going in search of other places and employment options. You don’t focus on the crisis and everything that we already know, that does not help. You focus on opportunities, not on what we can do. If you are still talking and thinking about the crisis, short the energy of creation of new possibilities. So be careful with that. Stay on the lookout for your internal conversation and choose carefully what thoughts stay and gate that does not support you. You will create your own solution and it may not always mean that let the current job and undertake their own risk.

Or Yes, it all depends. Perhaps you can take advantage of many of the benefits that gives you your current job while you take advantage of this stability to go by undertaking an independent work, step by step, but concrete having a goal clear in your mind; or it may make you feel completely safe to make the leap to leave your current job to dedicate yourself fully to your passion. In many cases radical changes are very good results, this is very personal. Of course, everything has its share of doubt and fear. The person who wants to succeed in life has to get used to this, to drive between the uncertainties and have made clear that there is a destination where arriving, but it is the same way that reveals to us the wisdom of learning. It is the here, now, present the unique moment of possibility.

If you develop and hold a plan, you can bring any change to reality. So he thinks and develops a strategic plan to undertake the job of your dreams. This plan must contain each of the steps you need to follow to achieve your goal. Once clarified the type of job you want, reported you your self how recognize opportunities arising out of here more. Not only that introduce themselves eventfully, but also that you generate from your belief, decision, and action. Having clear these priority ideas for you will be able, among other things, inform your network of contacts to support you and help in this new mission. Create your same in your inner mood of security. Don’t expect a job, person or any external thing give you that assurance. Takes the reins of your life, you focus on what you want to be, do and have, and put hands to work making yourself your own way with every action you undertake. My father always told me: find a job that you like and you won’t have to work a single day of your life. Jim Fox would then be prepared to receive the job of your dreams? If your answer is Yes, it flies to this link now to find strategies that will help you as soon as possible undertake the labor changes you are looking for. It reinforces these strategies with these questions. With love, Ani Vera 2006-2010 Ana Cecilia Vera. All rights reserved. Do you want to publish my articles in your newsletter, blog or website? You can do it if include the following full text in the.