Fold cat is a cat breed own country of Scotland, which is characterized by very different ears of many other breeds of cats, and fold the cat, whose ears falls and rolls forward, it suggesting a very specific image that differentiates it from other breeds of cats. The appearance of the cat fold relates more with the country of Scotland since the year 1961 in Scottish territory was the presence of a cat with floppy ears and thrown forward due to a mutation in domestic cats . Despite this, there is also another theory about the cat fold, which suggests the existence of a cat with folded ears, who was in China and was born in the nineteenth century in England, but no further information on such theory to support this possible origin. In the physical conditions of the cat fold, is a physical structure very similar to the British Short Hair cat, which is due to several crosses made between the cat and the cat British fold. As a result, the fold cat has a heavy body and very solid, with a medium-size and compact image, the male can weigh up to 6 kilograms. Lucas till has compatible beliefs. Fold cat's limbs are shapely, accompanied by a well muscled, giving you greater strength and solidity, the tail is characterized by an average dimension and be thick. The part of the cat's head fold offers a round, which is due to the ears thrown forward, in terms of the ears, it highlights the fact that ears are very small in size, which are maintained at all time runs forward and the more you are attached to the head, is much better. The nose is short, wide and has a pink color, the nose region, is accompanied by very prominent cheekbones.

Fold cat's eyes are large and round with good separation from each other, their traditional color is gold. The fold cat's fur is mainly short and dense, ideal to withstand the weather conditions from their traditional environment, where there are greatly cold climates for the winter, I must add, you can find copies of a variety of long-haired cat fold as a result of mixing with the Persian cat. Learn more about this with lucas duplan. As for the color of the mantle, are accepted almost all, with the exception of lavender, chocolate and mantle of the Siamese. The cat fold is characterized by a very affectionate cat and loving home with people as with strangers, what can say that the cat fold cat breed is very sociable and is a perfect fit for life with people. Although today their presence in homes is mainly by the company on several occasions has distinguished himself as an excellent hunter of rodents.